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How to draw a hands – step by step tutorial

Step 1

Okay, so let's pretend I have no idea what I'm doing...

The hand is a very important part of the body that can either flow with a picture or it can be a distraction. This tutorial isn't going to help you where to place hands in your picture but the basics of hands and what they can do and basically how to draw them.

Step 2

First, we’ll briefly discuss the anatomy of the hand. Ifs good to know the bone structure of the hand so to understand better how and why the hand works how it does.

The hand la broken up into five major parts, (not including the arm its attached to) There's no real reason to remember the bones exactly, just knowing more about them is helpful. This is not a detailed drawing of a skeletal hand.

The hinge joint is where the fingers bend, the ball joint is where it rotates. Metacarples and Carples are covered by muscles and skin and then you have your five individual digits- the phalanges. Exciting isn't it?

Okay, now you have to take a quiz... ha just kidding. If you want to, you can practice drawing the bones. Next we’ll talk about how to place them.

Firs, you have to know the knuckles placement. They're not straight see the rest, click here